While Fairies vs Tentacles is something that I started by myself years ago, it got where it is now and continue to be thanks to a myriad of fans and supporters. The thousands-strong fanbase is ever shifting, but here’s a list of the major contributors to this project:


Elara Aethervial – Wife, colorist, spellchecker, art checker, artist, voice of reason.

Sokaras: Archivist, discord moderator, website editor, supporter, marketing, OC owner, overwhelmingly helpful.

Argentus: Marketing, discord moderator, spellchecker, OC owner, long time supporter and friend.

Kitkat: Inker, art checker, spellchecker, supporter, fellow artist.

Top supporters:

Grip: Spellchecker, OC owner, tail checker, long time supporter and friend.

Jarick: One of the oldest and biggest supporter, OC owner and friend.

Rada: Also a supporter from the start and OC owner.

Laura: Supporter of my work before fvt was a thing, OC owner, friend, catgirl.

Kodiak: Big Supporter, OC owner, kind and quiet.

Wingblade: Longtime supporter, OC owner.

Perniciousducks: Big supporter of all my work, OC owner, vocal waterfowl.

Sonokeeper: Supporter, OC owner, partner in crime.

Zro: Supporter, OC owner, discord moderator.

Danielle: Supporter, spreadsheet master, discord moderator.

Mezilsa: Long time supporter, codemaster, OC owner.

Sakomi: Long time supporter of all my work.

Wraith: Also a long time support of my work.

Sevenna: Supporter of my work, extreme catgirl.

Ahri: Longtime supporter and commissioner.

DannDraw: Supporter and fellow artist.

Strangerhood: Supporter, OC owner, francophone~

Sheenariel: Longtime supporter, muscletiger.

Playwars: Longtime supporter

Disclaimer: The comic is over 5 years old, and some people came and went, or changed names, or are super quiet and never even spoke to me while still funding the comic. I made this list to thank the biggest contributors, but if you feel your name belong there, or want me to add an url or note or change anything, contact me on discord or post in the comments!