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  1. HKMaly

    … I think your motorcycle is no match for VTOL, not speaking about The Emissary. But those are top secret and Star might wipe your memory if she would find out I told you about them …

    • Avatar photo instant nocorner itxtalt

      Still her creation is much more advanced than what others use. However for now it is a unique thing – maybe some point later such stuff can be more mass produced

      • HKMaly

        And what’s also important, it was her own idea. Stars based VTOL on very similar existing technology, even if it wasn’t direct copy of some pre-war technology. So I would say her accomplishment is bigger.

  2. ThatThereGuy

    As much as she looks down on it, that train is super important as a forerunner. There is no land vehicle more efficient or effective than a train, and with a few tweaks electric fairy maglevs would not be a far jump.

    • HKMaly

      Note that for fairies, trains might really be superfluous for personal transit … even for people, they are only effective if lot of them travel between same places at same time. However, the true importance of train is for freight transport.

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