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  1. HKMaly

    … I think your motorcycle is no match for VTOL, not speaking about The Emissary. But those are top secret and Star might wipe your memory if she would find out I told you about them …

    • Avatar photo instant nocorner itxtalt

      Still her creation is much more advanced than what others use. However for now it is a unique thing – maybe some point later such stuff can be more mass produced

      • HKMaly

        And what’s also important, it was her own idea. Stars based VTOL on very similar existing technology, even if it wasn’t direct copy of some pre-war technology. So I would say her accomplishment is bigger.

  2. ThatThereGuy

    As much as she looks down on it, that train is super important as a forerunner. There is no land vehicle more efficient or effective than a train, and with a few tweaks electric fairy maglevs would not be a far jump.

    • HKMaly

      Note that for fairies, trains might really be superfluous for personal transit … even for people, they are only effective if lot of them travel between same places at same time. However, the true importance of train is for freight transport.

  3. SGrill0511

    Have you ever thought that the fairies and the nihallaks will make peace if the Queen dies?

    Well, I imagine that if they make peace and live with each other, they would have hybrid offspring, those hybrids would have the appearance between a f-jiby and a fairy, and they could have offspring in their homes, using a type of incubators with a similar operation to the magic cave.

    So that could be a possible ending to the story, right?

    • HKMaly

      Putting aside who needs to die and the fact that Star is the real main villain, Nihallaks’s nihillium is dangerous to any biological life. Although … Nihallaks are constructed beings, just like Fairies. I wouldn’t want to rely on natural hybridization producing such results, but maybe it would be possible to modify Nihallaks to make them safe. Safe-ish.

  4. SGrill0511

    In some chapter, will there be any possibility that the Monolith will be restored, becoming a War Jiby, killing Star and the Emperor, or that in the end it will be that Lucky travels back in time, and convinces the Draigjibies to kill the Kulthma,to prevent the events of history from happening?

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