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  1. rowanblade

    Can a fairy get herself pregnant?

    • Sokaras

      Last time I checked with the auther they said no. But if I recall they were unsure so that might change if it would comes up in the comic

  2. Assassin8654

    Are we going to get anymore character questions?

    • Sokaras

      yes we will. there are currently more already made but they are for supporters. eventually they will be added here

  3. Assassin8654

    just pointing this out but you may need to take a look atthe random page feature. It will select 2 pages and keep on switching to them repeatedly. I dont know if this happens to anyone else but it happens to me.

    • Eldrik

      I managed to replicate the issue, you are right, I will look into this. It doesn’t do it for the main comic so it could be related to the tag or naming system.

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