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  1. HKMaly

    They were necessary. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

    … I mean, that’s the answer I would expect. I’m not THAT sure about it being necessary, personally, I’m just sure that Star will do even worse.

    … also, wouldn’t what they just did make HARDER to fix those events?

  2. Sixty

    Wonder if the warning at the start of the chapter wasn’t because Monolith would betray Star but because some bad things might be about to happen to Lucky?

    • HKMaly

      Didn’t Lucky had some Q&A page about her being now bulletproof and otherwise hard to destroy? Of course, Star is unlikely to attack her BODY … hmmm …

      (You know, I wonder if our idea about what is “extreme” isn’t little skewed. It’s completely possible the chapter will end and we will still wonder what we missed.)

      • Avatar photo instant nocorner itxtalt

        Lucky’s body is basically indestructable due to automatic light magic use

        Her mind however is not and if I recall star is better than Lucky in such stuff (hence why Star knows stuff about lucky – read her mind)

  3. Nextgener

    Oh Star, you can’t be That naive. Even if she did cause all of that(which is highly unlikely), you really think the alternative to whatever she’s seen would have been better?

    You run an Empire. You know what Has to be done.

    • aabergm

      Agreed, she is over a thousand years old and has even been through a war, there is no way she is naive enough to not trust Lucky’s choices. Because even if Lucky is wrong occasionally, she can actually go back and fix those mistakes, which means if she hasn’t the bad thing that happened they are more than likely a net positive if they do happen.

      • HKMaly

        It’s not about naivety. She just thinks it should be HER making those decisions.

    • urainkhali

      Indeed she knows what has to be done. The problem is, it is not her who gets to decide that currently, but someone who is not her…

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