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  1. Ophidiophile

    Woohoo! Definitely the Monitor.
    Wait. She lent power to a monster? The Monitor has psionic powers? Which ones? (Besides using mirrors as portals.)
    Now I’m conflicted. Why did Star call the voice C-3 and not Monitor? Also, when Chapter 12 starts, it’s probably going to be with some other group of fairies, so we might not get answers till summer. Whine.
    This relationship must be difficult for Star, given that her character sheet says she hates monsters, being manipulated, conflict, and draigjibies (assumes the font indicates such).

    • Nextgener

      Assuming it’s the monitor. We can’t assume it’s anything other than it’s an entity that has Some connection’s to Nihallaks, if not someone who can wield High Plane Energy. (or some variant of it)

      We could be dealing with the creator of the entire species for all we know.

  2. HKMaly

    Ok. I think that I would trust Lucky more. If Lucky would want to wipe them out they deserve it.

    • Ophidiophile

      Lucky’s motivation is to keep them from being wiped out. Ever. Being immortal, Lucky is always alone at the end, after everyone and everything else is gone. And that makes Lucky very lonely and very, very sad, and eventually, crazy. https://eldrikdgt.com/fvt/qna/qna-184/

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