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  1. Harrass

    Those high tech explosives usually need some kind of industry that does not really fit into an agricultural magic fairy land

    • Nextgener

      We’ve already seen how advanced the star fairy’s are. And when you add “Magic” to the mix, not alot fall’s that far out of the realm of possibility.

      Now granted there are limit’s of course. Some of the worst story telling just uses the “It’s magic” excuse to hand wave BS way too much. (star versus the forces of evil being a prime example)

    • Eldrik

      Nextgener is right about magic, but light magic specifically affect things to a scale that would change any species forever. In human industry, you have concept, research, design, prototyping, testing, more prototyping, more testing, setting up the manufacturing process and finally manufacture. For fairies, the entire process can technically stop after testing. Especially for advanced tech that almost nobody need access to. Once you successfully made a thing, that thing can be cloned with light magic, forever, as long as you have light magic.

      Granted they don’t do that for everything. They have classic manufacture for mass production in places like crafter center. Light magic cloning screws and nails would be a waste of light magic, so they have factories for that, as glimpsed in page 347. But your average fairy doesn’t need artillery canon, nor their explosive rounds, so you only need to make a single one of each, and then clone them. Why would they setup an entire military industrial complex when they can have a single all-in-one sweatshop of light fairies called “clone ’em if you got ’em” (It’s a joke but that’s the basic concept)

      • HKMaly

        I sorta think that they will be regretting not setting up that military industrial complex before end of this war … but yes, they couldn’t predict need of something like that, it would be superfluous against monsters unless they would like start actually conquering whole planet like they were supposed to.

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