Design sketches and notes

Animal sketches #1
Animal sketches #2
Battle suit sketch
Chaos Fairies Part 1
Chaos Fairies Part 2
Comet pinup sketch
Council Island sketch
Cup size chart
Dark forest breakdown
Dune sketch (NEW!)
Edrei sketch
Fairy Anatomy
Fairy military
Fairy ranch sketch
Fairy time
Grass monster design
Guardian Tree
House sketches
Magic cave document
Memory thief #2; #3; #4; #5
New monsters sketch
Nihallak Ship sketch
Nihallak Anatomy + Nihilium
Ominae design
Party Guests – sketch
Queen exosuit sketch
Seatown map
Size difference
Size difference 2
Star fairies – sketch
The arch fairies – sketch
Trigger of Armagon – sketch
Vtol sketch
The Hammers lineup – sketch

Dark Forest entries

#1-The Creamy Mushroom
#2-The Groundmouth
#3-The Backtackler
#4 -The Latex Lurker
#5-The Oviworm
#6-The Shadowsprawler
#8-The Tickleslug
#9-The Memory Thief
#10-The Tethergel
#11-The Strategodine
#12-The Latex Shambler
#15-The Swamp Leech
#16-Fairy Ghosts
#17-Hunter-Snatcher wasp
#18-Reachy Gushroom

Miscellaneous canon artworks

Aquei hanging
Ash + Clothes
Bellanora and Holly
Bella, Kaia + honeymilk
Dark fairy’s isolation
Draigjiby breeding
Fairies and pets
Fairy nightmare
Fairy stuffed
Grain + Armor
Grain + Clothes
Grain + Crystal
Hammers fighting
Irah and Aquei
Jade and Leonne
Laura sunbath
Lychee and Macey
Magdalia + Clothes
Nadisha and Flynn
Nadisha and her pets
Nadisha and Laura
Nadisha and Oviworms
Nadisha chameleon battle
Ominae and Oviworms
Pari machine test
Pari sunbath
Random wall fairies
Sonya inviting
Tama and oviworm (NEW!)
The arch fairies (NEW!)
Trouple gardening

Bonus art suggestions

Bonus art #1
Bonus art #2
<Vales>[Mazes & Monsters][Boardgame][SFW]
Bonus art #3
<Monolith>[Good ending][Restored Body] (NEW!)

Non-canon/outdated artworks

1 year
7 years
8 years
9 years
1000 discord members
Aquei and Laura
Aquei and Oviworm
Aquei cowgirl
Aquei cowgirl (milky)
Aquei stuffed
Banner sketch #1
Banner sketch #2
Blaire’s wall struggles (NEW!)
Celcius – fairy OC
Cover idea #1
Cover idea #2
Dusted Nihallaks
Early fairy design
Early nihallak design
Easter 2021
Fairy breeding
Fairy evolution
Fairy house
Fairy main characters #1
Fairy main characters #2
Fairy main characters #3
Fairy main characters #4
Fairies vs. Tentacles
Fairy trio (Alt) (NEW!)
Fairies wall
Fjiby pet
FvT war posters
Hair swap
Halloween 2015
Halloween 2018
Irah, Aquei and Drop
Irah captured
Khamsin – fairy OC sketch
Laura tentacle wall
Library antics
Macey punishment
Macey tentacles
Macey tentacle wall
Mini-jiby Ash (Alt)
Nebula’s punishment
Nicollete and co
Nihallak evolution
Nova tentacle wall
Not-A-Plant, Aquei, Holly, Vales
Not-A-Plant, Aquei, Holly, Vales 2
Not-A-Plant, Irah, Holly
Murisha evolved (Alt)
Ominae and Nihallak
Ominae and Rosaria date
Ominae x Rosaria
Ominae x Valia (Alts: 2, 3)
Oviworm servicing
Oviworm shop
Panties meme
Pari tentacles
Phoebe tentacle wall
Pink and tentacles
Prue tentacles
Pyrelith – fairy OC
Queen in lingerie
Queen trio 1 (cum alt)
Queen trio 2 (cum alt)
Queen trio 3 (cum alt)
Riavy tentacle wall
Sevenna machine
Shower trio
Silly 487
Sonya x Aquei
Star + Tentacles
Star + Tentacles (messy)
Syl, Amy and tentacles
Sylene and Aglaia (Alt)
Tanae and 487
Tentacle pit
Tentacle ship
Tentacle ship insides
Wasp nest
Zak, Aquei and Irah
Zak, Aquei and Irah 2