Design sketches and notes

Animal sketches #1
Cup size chart
Guardian Tree
Nihallak Ship sketch
Seatown map
Animal sketches #2
Fairy Anatomy
House sketches
Ominae design
Size difference
Battle suit sketch
Fairy time
Nihallak Anatomy + Nihilium
Party Guests – sketch
Star fairies – sketch
Vtol sketch

Dark Forest entries

#1-The Creamy Mushroom
#4 -The Latex Lurker
#10-The Tethergel
#2-The Groundmouth
#5-The Oviworm
#8-The Tickleslug
#11-The Strategodine
#3-The Backtackler
#6-The Shadowsprawler
#9-The Memory Thief

Miscanellous canon artworks

Ash’s bio – clothed
Fairies and pets
Hammers fighting
Laura sunbath
Nadisha and Flynn
Nadisha and Oviworms
Pari machine test
Sonya inviting
Bellanora and Holly
Fairy nightmare
Irah and Aquei
Magdalia’s bio – clothed
Nadisha and her pets
Nadisha chameleon battle
Pari sunbath
Draigjiby breeding
Jade and Leonne
Nadisha and Laura
Ominae and Oviworms
Random wall fairies

Non-canon/outdated artworks

1 year
Aquei and Oviworm
Celcius – fairy OC
Cover idea #2
Early nihallak design
Fairy evolution
Fairy main characters #2
Khamsin – fairy OC sketch
Halloween 2015
Laura tentacle wall
Macey tentacle wall
Nihallak evolution
Oviworm servicing
Phoebe tentacle wall
Prue tentacles
Riavy tentacle wall
Silly 487
Star + Tentacles
Tentacle ship
1000 discord members
Banner sketch #1
Dusted Nihallaks
Fairies vs. Tentacles
Fairy house
Fairy main characters #3
Fjiby pet
Halloween 2018
Library antics
Macey tentacles
Nova tentacle wall
Oviworm shop
Pink and tentacles
Pyrelith – fairy OC
Sevenna machine
Syl amy tentacles
Star + Tentacles (messy)
Tentacle ship insides
Aquei and Laura
Banner sketch #2
Cover idea #1
Early fairy design
Fairy breeding
Fairy main characters #1
Fairy main characters #4
FvT war posters
Irah captured
Macey punishment
Ominae and Nihallak
Pari tentacles
Queen in lingerie
Shower trio
Sonya x Aquei
Tentacle pit