Eldrik Aethervial here to provide answers to most asked questions

Q: When are new comic pages released?

A: New pages are posted every Monday and sometime Friday, depending on the funding.

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: Public commissions are currently closed but there is a commission queue for the supporters.

Q: How can I support the comic?

A: Fairies vs tentacles is supported through donations on the official discord server. There was a Patreon but it was closed recently and discord is now the only way. You can find the server through here.

Q: What do I get by supporting the comic?

A: Depending on your donation, you can get access to sketch pages, exclusive channels, early access to bonus content and QnA comics, and 3 QnA comic submissions for people to vote on.

Q: Can I make an OC fairy?

A: Original fairy characters (OC) exist within the comic and bonus content. For the fairy’s canonicity to be recognized there are some criteria and rules to follow:

  • The fairy should not be older than a 1000 years, the average fairy lifespan is 500 years old, and the fairy war killed a LOT of fairies. Only the star fairies have lived the entire span of fairykind, 5000 years.
  • The fairy should be an existing element or dual element, as referred to this chart, and respect the color patterns that go with it. If you make an earth fairy, she can’t have blue hair unless she also have water abilities/ancestry.
  • The fairy cannot be a star fairy or star fairy dual.
  • The fairy shouldn’t possess magic or technology that is significantly alien to what’s been explored. Such as classic D&D necromancy or being able to build androids etc.
  • The fairy should not have interfered in current comic events. It’s just asking to create plot holes. The fairykind has existed for 5000 years though, so she could have participated to past events, as we have not explored those much.
  • The fairy should live somewhere on the island. There are no secret island hidden nearby, or underwater cities or sky cities or secret fairy society on the landmasses out there.

    Those requirements are simply for canonicity, otherwise people are free to do as they please with fanart and fanfictions.

Q: Where can I download the comic and/or bonus content?

A: The comic and bonus content can be downloaded in the Mega folder links provided on the right on this page. The packs are updated once per year.

Q: I’m really interested in learning more about the lore. Where can I find more?

A: We have the Lore Index section on the site with various info about the setting. We also have a compilation of various questions answered by me here. However the doc file has not been updated in a while, hasn’t been spellchecked and can have outdated info. It is mostly used as an baseline to build the content of the website and comic.

Q: Why is Chapter 3 so long?

A: Due to sudden changes in the script at the time, it was hard to find points where to cut end the chapter. There are plans to rectify this with the Definitive Edition of the comic, but it is currently on hiatus.

Q: Is fan art permitted?

A: Yes. We have a Fan Art section on the site where fan art is uploaded crediting the artist.