The Era Ender – end of the Draigjibie and Kulthma war

The Draigjibies were the Apex species on the planet Dreven, and had a flourishing civilization that had just began their solar system exploration and expansion when they were attacked by the Kulthma and their nihallaks. The resulting war and aftermath terminated their species, but not before they could create a new species adapted to the new world, the fairies.

They were physically more powerful than fairies but did not possess a powerful High Plane link or had as much magic or psionic abilities. Before nihallak attacked they did not even realize they possessed such capabilities. A fully powered draigjiby would be the magical equivalent to an average power leveled fairy.

Kulthma were the apex life form in their home universe, but were forced to leave to avoid extinction when their universe ended in heat death. They traveled into a new universe and had to adapt to survive there. Needing High Plane energy to survive they traveled towards the only source they could find right away in their new universe – the draigjibies. Not adapted to fighting on planets the Kulthma created the nihallaks to be their soldiers. After a decade spanning war eventually all the Kulthma and all but a few nihalalks were exterminated in an event only know as the Era ender.

Ability wise they were similar to nihallaks, however their nihillium had a more “organic” quality and needed twice as much energy to be operational than their more energy-efficient soldiers. Kulthma also refused to clone themselves after death, unlike how they did with their nihallaks soldiers.

F-jibies were the docile, high energy generating version of the Draigjibies, created by the Kulthma using Draigjiby DNA to help them with their energy issues. During the various tests on captured Draigjibies, Kulthma realized that sexual stimulation released more energy, so they decided to create a much more productive stock. As such “F” in F-jiby stands for “fuckable”.

War-jibies were reverse engineered versions of the F-jibies made by Draigjibies, made to infiltrate and kill nihallaks and Kulthma.

While they did posses magical capabilities they were not taught how to use them and fought by powering their combat suits. All war-jibies were also equipped with tails that allowed them to drain nihallaks of their energy, almost instantly turning them into dust.