Hi everybody, I hope you had a nice holiday! 2022 has begun, and with it some general update on the status of moi and the comic.

-The comic is now being published on Furaffinity and pixiv, if those are places of choice for you to follow the comic on, consider following it there, it helps with visibility. Also remember that the main base of operation is Discord, if you wanna join and mingle with the community. This website, while carefully maintained and cared for, is more like a bastion of independence if other platforms were to fail me again as tumblr and patreon did.

– In 2020 I had started to work on a new project, codename JTA, but that’s being scrapped, just not enough time for it. What was done will be archived for a potential future. I never delete my stuff.

-I really, REALLY need to make a proper fairy island map. It’s not hard, I have the tools and the knowhow, I just need to sit down and dooo iiiiit.

-I don’t really have any particular project for this website, outside of keeping the content updated. If anybody has particular suggestions, I’m all ears. I thought of a forum/chat box in the past, but discord fill that niche pretty well, and I don’t have to pay for that bandwidth 😛

Finally, Sokaras put together a montage of all the fvt-related work I have done in 2021, 112 items in total, that’s 1 picture every 3 day! You may recognize some of the content, but other is supporter exclusive. You can access it by donating on discord, or simply wait a while, I make those public later~

That’s all for now, I hope 2022 will treat you fairly, and thank you for reading the comic!