Happy New Year everyone! May this new year be full of surprises and good things~
In 2022 some major changes happened for fvt, as I dropped Patreon entirely, which mean the comic is now solely funded through discord, this hasn’t changed much for the comic, but rapid inflation did. As of this January I updated the page funding goal to reflect that reality, we will still get 4 pages this month, but if that number fluctuate, you’ll know why. This year I plan to update the site with a funding tracker and post monthly updates in this section so that people know what to expect. For example, this month will mark the end of Chapter 11, and we’ll likely spend the rest of the year on Chapter 12, which I promise is an exciting one! (It’s already been mostly sketched and the supporters love it, so I’m not hyping it out of thin air.) I will take the week of January 9th off to Celebrate my lady’s birthday though, so don’t expect an update that week.

Finally, similar to last year, Sokaras has made a visual compilation of everything I’ve drawn for fvt this year, enjoy!