Hi! So, a while back one of the user on the website told me the randomizer for page browsing didn’t work well on the character question section, as it quickly started to show the same pages over and over after a few clicks. I finally got around investigating that, and turns out it is the same with the main comic! I did a few tests, and turns out it’s a starting value issue. If you land on the website and only click “random” it will start looping back to the same page. However, if you click back or forward on any of the page you land on, and click random again, it will truly be randomized.

Please understand that I didn’t build this random function and therefore cannot edit it, well not easily anyway, as it’s an integrated part of the website theme. So, sorry for the inconvenience, but the workaround is fairly easy~

Outside of that. How have you been? Things have been a bit crazy for me at the beginning of the year, but it’s mellowing out now, and Sokaras is doing a wonderful job of maintaining the various sections of the website, particularly fanart. There’s some great stuff over there, go check it out~