Star fairy civilization

Star – leader of the Star fairies

Star fairy civilization was founded over 5000 years ago by the draigjibies, when they created the first fairies and handed them what scraps were left out of their dying civilization.

Star fairies are the leaders of fairy kind, having been ruling them since the start of their civilization over 5000 years ago. They are the seven first fairies ever created and as such were given command of the elemental fairies that came after them.

Outside their powerful psionics and experience spanning over millennia, stars also have access to the technology left behind by their creators as well as any tech they created from it themselves.

Arch fairies are fairies with advanced magic abilities that are chosen by the star fairies to represent their element and work closely with them. An arch fairy can be recognized by the special forehead tattoo they are given by the star fairies.

Arch fairies are allowed to command fairies of their element, create their own organizations and even have private combat forces (though not every arch has these).

Arch fairies are decided through a tournament held in the arena between Eastcliff and Westcliff, and how it goes exactly depend on the arch fairy as the contenders have to take on a challenge created by the current arch fairy. However any challenge conceived by an arch fairy has to go through a star fairy vetting process to ensure fairness.

There is an arch fairy for every elemntal type except for dark fairies. They are represented by the dual star/dark fairy Ominae.

Star guard consist of soldiers cherry-picked by the star fairies to guard special assets or the star fairies themselves. They have absolute authority over everybody except the star fairies, as long as it’s related to their mission. They technically outrank the arches (arch fairies are basically the ambassadors of their element while Star guard are part of the military) though you would rarely find a star guard willing to bark orders to an arch fairy.

The Star guard exists mainly to guard stuff like the council tower, the magic cave, old, treasured buildings and so on. They won’t be the ones patrolling the roads or convoys. So as long as they have enough to safeguard those very particular and stable assets they are not big in number, around 100 at any given time.

Citadel army – the military might of fairy-kind, made up of fairies that received training at the Warrior citadel.

The fairy military roughly has 5000 active soldiers, double that if you count those who founded their own guilds and such later on but are technically still active fighters and loyalists fighting for fairy-kind.

Any fairy over the age of five years can sign up for citadel warrior training. Basic training is minimum two years to prepare a fairy for being a soldier, scout or guard, but wouldn’t carry special weapons or items outside of their personal gear. Further training would lead to specialization where they’d start getting access and training for special weapons or tools like crystals. Further training would turn them into team leaders and even captains, etc.

Loyalist fairies – fairies who are loyal and obedient to the Star fairies, and align with their ideals and goals. Loyalists are not, generally, in blind adoration of the star fairies and are allowed to be critical of their actions, but will always take their side against the chaos fairies and obey any direct order given to them by a star fairy.

Chaos fairies

Shatterstars – one of the many Chaos fairy clans

Fairies that reject the Star fairies’ authority and rule, and want to establish their own society, usually at the detriment of the loyalist as they tend to take resources, land and lives to accomplish their goals. There are currently 10 major chaos clans but there are a lot more smaller clans.

Chain Breakers – smart, skilled fighters determined to break down the star fairies’ grasp on fairy kind. Their group is a direct follow up from the original chaos fairies group that was destroyed during the Fairy war. Founded almost right after the end of the Fairy war, about 950 years ago. Currently has about 120 members.

Chaos hunters – a brutal clan of chaos fairies specialized in fighting monsters and using their body parts as weapons and equipment. Founded 788 years ago and currently has about 90 members.

Necrofairies – merciless clan of wildcard fairies turned into fanatical zealots, that believe all fairies are truly immortal and should welcome death as a liberating experience rather than a tragic end. Founded 567 years ago by a former arch light fairy. Currently has 75 members as necrofairies, 20 aspiring wildcard members. No member has ever truly been eliminated, meaning that each of the originals clan members is still there.

Skull fairies – a chaos fairy clan specialized in spying and trading secrets. They want to bring down star fairies with cunning rather than brute force. Founded 700 or so years ago and currently has about 400 members, along with sympathizers. They have people in every town, and are currently the most influential group.

The Black flags – fairies who chose the risk and freedom of pirate life, sailing around the shores of the fairy island. The first independent pirates existed before the fairy war, but they eventually united under a single banner about 800 years ago. Currently have about 200 members, their numbers went down recently in streaks of bad luck and attacks. At their highest they were over 600 members.

The Eeries -a chaos “clan” of strange looking and acting fairies that live in the dark forest. They attack and capture other fairies regardless of their alignment and use them to make more eeries. Appeared about 10 years ago, but they could have existed for longer than that and just weren’t noticed. Currently only a dozen confirmed sights. Escapees say they have seen maybe 20, but they couldn’t tell if there were much more of them, or even if they only had a single camp or if they were held as prisoner in an outpost or something. Their numbers could actually be quite high.

The Shades – organized criminals who work in the shadow and specialize in black market trading, gambling and almost anything illegal. They are not the violent type but they can be persuasive when they want something. Founded 450 or so years ago and currently has about 55 confirmed members. But between sympathizers, individual criminals and actual working clan members, the numbers are hard to figure, which is exactly how the shades want it to be.

The Shatterstars -an aggressive and impulsive chaos fairy clans that can and will attack anyone on a whim, including each others. They are the probably the most literal incarnation of a “chaos” fairy. They were founded some 800 years ago, as a splinter group from the Chain Breakers. Numbers vary widely over the years, and they can be hard to distinguish from minor groups or gangs, but it is currently estimated to 130 or so.

Wild riders – a clan of fairies who tame wild beasts and monsters to use in fights or raids. They are known to bond deeply with their pets, sometimes to the point of falling in love. Founded fairly recently, 200 years ago or so and currently has about 70 members.

Wingrippers – ruthless slavers who capture fairies, break their spirits and turn them into obedient slaves, to use them for themselves or sell them to unscrupulous fairies. Founded about 600 years ago, they began as an amalgamation of criminals fueled by vengeance and hatred against the loyalists. Currently only at about 40 or so members. They lost about a hundred members after the Skull Fairies clan’s betrayal. Some of them are still alive but in jail, others have ran away into hiding, but most died.

Neutral fairy factions

Dark Haven – one of the few neutral factions

Neutral factions are fairy communities, groups, settlements that moved away from star fairy territory to make their own way life. They are not considered chaos fairies as they don’t cause any problems to loyalists settlements and fairies. Some neutral groups would like to cut ties with the stars completely, but can’t due to star fairies having monopoly of the Magic Cave – the only place where fairies can reproduce.

Dark haven is the home to almost all of the dark fairy population. Due to an event in the past the dark fairies were shunned and eventually exiled from star fairy territories. The exiled fairies made their home in Exil’s plateau and after tensions cleared decided to continue living there. Dark haven is ruled by the Dark/Star dual fairy Ominae, who constantly fight for their rights hoping to maybe someday the dark fairy kind will be fully accepted by the rest of fairy-kind.

Fairies in dark haven free of the eyes of star fairy eyes experiment with various forms of magic, recently creating tattoo and symbol magic.

Currently about 5000 fairies living in Dark Haven, most of which are dark fairies.

Ripened boughs is a research center founded by the dual fairy Bellanora, that has grown into a community the size of a large college campus, where all manner of fairies can come in, be they chaos, neutral, or loyalist fairies.

In Ripened Boughs various experiments are made with critters and dark forest monsters, to either create creatures beneficial to fairy-kind or help enhance fairy understanding of their biology in the eventual goal of freeing fairies from needing to use the Cave to reproduce.

Currently around 1000 permanent residents although travelers and visitors add an inconsistent population boost.