Crafter’s center – the technology center of fairy kind

Section detailing the various tech in the fairy civilization. Due to technology level not being distributed evenly, most fairies have not seen what their kind is capable of manufacturing. Most high end stuff is available in Crafter’s center and Prosperity.

General fairy tech

Technology and devices that can be acquired by any fairy. Though some are only available at specific locations.

Magic crystal – a solid structure of magic mater that allows fairies to essentially bypass natural element restrictions and wield magic that they weren’t born with. A crystal carries a set amount of magic and must be recharged later, as if depleted it will crumble to dust.

Typical magic crystal usages:

  • Light – healing, fixing items;
  • Nature – healing, fertilizer;
  • Fire – heating, starting fires;
  • Electric – powering tech;
  • Air – speed boost in flight.
  • Pink – boost magic or as an aphrodisiac.
  • Water – manipulate body of water.
  • Earth – moving mounds of earth.
  • Dark – an entropy bomb.
  • Star – psionic abilities and teleportation.

Training is still needed to properly wield the power safely as the fairy is dealing with magic she is not used to. With enough skill magic crystals can be triggered at a distance, used to recharge one’s own energy reserves (if crystal matches your element) or overcharged to be detonated as a magic grenade.

Magic crystals have been rare prior to the Fairy war and it was only around 500 years ago that they became common enough for commercial, industrial, and personal use. They are created from fairy liquids (plasma, milk or blood) that are slowly heated up to lose some of their water content, and the resulting semi-solid (akin to clay) needs to be compressed to extreme pressure, while being fed additional magic energy to force the nihillium to take a new shape that can resist said pressure, resulting in a crystal. Depending on the quantities and exact process used, this takes a few hours to a few days. There is no physical limit to their size that fairies have seen so far, although creation of bigger ones is more complicated, and no you cannot add to its structure later on. At least not with the currently known processes.

Since fairy plasma is same color before the process, care must be taken to not mix up the materials. As while you can make mixed element crystals they can be difficult to control. Mixed element crystals can also be made by recharging a crystal with other types of magic.

Besides allowing the use of different element types of magic, magic crystals can be used for a variety of other purposes – augmenting weapons, specialized tools, a source as illumination and so on. Most common use however is as a form of currency. Despite it being a item that any fairy in theory can make, the actual crystal fabrication process is tricky and even dangerous, and does require a lot of processing and energy. It’s a weird case where the currency is also a useful resource.

Headsets. Fairy headsets come in many shapes and sizes. This is due to fairies lacking ears and hearing through the multitude of holes that run along the shaft of their antenna. The most common headsets are those that can produce sound near the base of their antenna or sleeves that are also can muffle outside noises.

Special fairy tech

Technology and equipment that is hard to obtain or is exclusive to only fairies from specific factions.

Starguard spear – a metal spears given to the members of the Starguard. A device implanted at the tip can shoot out concentrated pure magic blast by using energy from a crystals stored in it. The crystal matches the wielders element, allowing her to recharge it, removing the need to carry ammunition. This gives long range attacks to every starguard, no matter what her elemental abilities are.

Star fairy tech

Technology and devices that is only available to the seven star fairies and is only shared outside of their circle in exceptional situations.

ECB (Extreme Condition Battlesuit) – special combat suit, custom made by the star fairies for their personal use. Over many years the suits had several iterations:

Mark 1 – A heavily armored power armor for front-line combat. Can withstand large amount of physical or magical damage, turning the user into a walking tank. It’s weight however means that flight is impossible although star fairies who wear it can use their star magic to float or teleport where they need to be. Designed and deployed during the fairy war a thousand years ago, the tech has seen leaked to the public, and two old suits have been successfully stolen by the Shade chaos clan.

Mark 2 – a spacesuit designed for combat. Some armor was lost from the Mark 1, but in contrast the fairy using it can fly with her own power. To make up for the loss of armor, regenerating alloys and energy shields have been installed. In addition it can protect user form harsh conditions (fire, acid, high pressures…) and with the helmet on it is fully pressurized to be used as a proper space suit. Installed on the back is a High Plane energy capacitor, that absorbs the High Plane energies that the fairy produces to power itself efficiently.

Mark 3 were meant to be more a small mech, however due to arisen problems it never passed the prototype stage. The Mark 3’s general system were functional, but the battery system had limited field use – a couple hours at most. In an attempt to make an inline power generator that would give it days if not weeks of independence, the prototype got seriously damaged and project is seemingly on hold.

Vtol (Vertical take off and landing) – an aircraft designed for scouting and interception missions by the star fairies. Its top speed and range exceed that of most fairies, and it can carry up to 10 passengers and about 1000 kg of cargo. It has no mounted weapons or armor. It is powered by an electromagnetic converter and a battery system that can keep it in flight for about 15 hours before needing recharge. It can be recharged in flight by any type of magic.

The Emissary – a relatively small spaceship used to reach Armagon in the planet’s orbit. Designed using draigjiby knowledge and infrastructure, then improved with star fairy technology, this vessel is unique. The ship is launched from the Council Island tower using magnetic rails and a solid fuel. Once in high altitude the nihillium anti gravity system kicks in and allows it to reach orbital velocity. It is also equipped with more classical hydrogen thruster for maneuverability, and use light magic to regenerate its own fuel, giving it far more range than its small form factor would normally allow.