June Overview

Hi everybody, and Happy Pride Month! We’re already halfway through the year, time flies. I finally started the work on the new Fairy Island map. It’ll be bigger, cleaner, with more location and bits of lore. It will take a while to complete but I don’t want this one to be an exclusive artwork, as I think its labor is worth it more if everybody can get access to it like I was doing for the definitive edition pages, which I hope I can get back to after I’ve finished the map. Even once finished, I plan to update the map over time as things happen in the comic and more lore is worked on. It will be updated in a non destructive way, meaning that I will have old versions available in layers on my side.

Outside of that, work continue as usual. I’ve decided that I will keep sketching more pages ahead rather than stop at a specified amount. I know the overall update rate is slow and I, along with all of you, want things to keep moving forward. So be it! If the sketch pages end up 3 chapters ahead that’s how it’ll be. I know the supporters have been biting their lips to not spoil anything for the overall audience, but I believe this is not always gonna be such a “painful” situation during the more casual, silly chapters. I want to keep things exciting, and I know there’s some really good stuff in the future, and I want to get there as quickly as I can, within my time budget, and the scripting and sketch pages allow for this.

Thank you for reading and supporting the comic, as always, stay awesome!