Hello everyone, Sokaras here! Wanted to inform you all that the Lore index section has been updated.

Largest part of update being the introduction of the Fairy tech section that details the various tech wielded by the fairies. It does not include every tech we will be seeing, but as comic goes on the section will be expanded. For example, while we have seen star weaponry used against the sea monsters they had not been added yet to the Fairy Tech section. This is partially to avoid potential spoilers and because we will get to see what arsenal the star fairies have later.

The Nihallaks section also had significant update detailing their new tech we had been seeing. Similar to fairy section it will be updated as comic goes on whenever we see anything new crafted by our tentacle boys.

Other sections at most got edits and fixing up for now. Hope you enjoying the comic and the small section expanding on the lore within the setting. If you believe other stuff could be expanded upon let me know.

That will be all. Thank you and hope you all have a nice day