Hi everybody, a new month a new overview. My return to work has been productive, and I hope I can do as much this March. I’d like to do a few more bonus pieces if I have time, but I won’t push myself too hard, I don’t want to hurt my wrist again.
I did spend some time last month working on the fvt script, and I’m happy to annouce I’ve reached a good milestone, I can’t tell what it is without revealing major spoilers, but I can say that by chapter 30, we’ll be 3/4 done with the main story. I need to refine said script, and work in more details for each chapter, and I might decide add a chapter or two depending on content density, but the finish line is in sight, just gotta draw my way there.

The overall idea is that I want to complete the main story, and then work on smaller stories and play around with the world I created. When I started fairies vs tentacle I didn’t expect I would expand its lore so much, but I did, as fans became very interested in my silly little hentai story and invested themselves in its various aspects. But I can’t explore all of this with the main story, or it will go on forever. So once the main story is over, it won’t be the end but rather a new phase of the exploration of that world, with new characters and adventure that can stand on their own without tedious tie back to things that happened hundred of pages ago. Some stories might happen in the past of the fairy island, others might happen in the present, some even in the future. We’ll see in due time.

I mainly just wanted to let you know an end is planned. My goal was never to have it go on forever, it’s just taking longer than I originally planned for various reason, but we’ll get there. Thank you for following me on this journey and stay awesome~