Nihallaks in their ship

Nihallaks are the end result of energy cost and warfare optimization. They are soldiers and the only survivors of the Kulthma civilization, and their general objective is to survive and expand in hopes of bringing their species back to their former glory.

Nihallaks are made up of mostly nihillium, with a small percent of normal matter to make interacting with the fairy universe easier. This allows them to reshape their bodies and regenerate from serious injuries. However, the nihillium that makes up their bodies is extremely vulnerable to any time-altering effects.

Visually all nihallaks look almost identical, the only visual difference that can be spotted is between their regular soldier units and the specialized scientist units who have camera eyes and larger nano-tool tips. For non-nihallaks the only way to differentiate them is by the number plate on their head. The first two numbers indicate it’s number in the cluster of 100 members and the final number shows which clone is this version.

Each nihallak is imprinted with a specific personality type, based on what task it has been given to complete. The personalities are Scientist, Leader, Strategist, Curious, Soldier, Kamikaze, Spy, Defender, Scout, Constructor. These can be changed when the nihallak is cloned.

At first glance it might seem like nihallaks are immortal – if a unit dies it’s memory is copied and imputed in a clone body. However a nihallak is only given 10 clone bodies and unless it has shown to be a valuable soldier it won’t be given more. But even then the cloning process slowly erodes a units mind so eventually they might need replacement by a naturally born nihallak.

Nihillium & nihallak tech

Nihillium – a smart nanomaterial that was created by the current Nihallak ancestors, the Kulthmas, in their home universe. It can be programmed to accomplish various task and even be equipped with rudimentary intelligence and self preservation instinct. It is unlike anything that can be found in the fairy universe and operates under different physical laws.

It’s most fundamental property is that it is much bigger then a molecule yet cannot be divided by any known means. It is a fundamental particle, yet it has structure and components. It does not react to gravitational forces and can phase through matter individually, but is solid in a group. It is attracted to High Plane energy like gravity and needs constant supply to keep whatever properties have been encoded in it active, otherwise it becomes inert until it receives more energy.

Building construction. Nihallak buildings are made of nihillium, so any nihallak can begin constructing any of their structures (ships, buildings, artillery cannons…) as long as the blueprints are in it’s memory. This is usually achieved by the nihallak engorging themselves on High Plane energies beforehand, reaching the desired location and sacrificing themselves, melting into a nihillium mass that starts morphing into the structure. The nihallak later respawns in one of their bases, or if the structure comes with a cloning booth it will spawn in the newly constructed building.

If speed is not the issue, a nihallak can slowly “pour” the nihillium from its tentacles. This process is slower but does not sacrifice the unit. If there is a nearby structure present, it can provide nihillium to the new one, speeding up the process.

While this construction is fast it is not instantaneous, as the heat generated during too fast construction would harm or even destroy the structure. Fastest big structure that can be created this way is a very hot net as it has enough surface.

F.A.B. (Fairy abduction bot). A mass produced combat drone for the purpose of overwhelming fairies with their numbers, to compensate for the currently low nihallak population.

Fairy farm – an enclosure for captured fairies when they are too tired to produce energy. Here fairies can rest and recover before going back to the ship. Depending on how well behaved the fairies are they can request stuff from the smart floor like beds, water, food and so on. If fairies want to shower the base of the tower has cleaning units. Fairies are kept inside with the help of their collars and the smart floor forming tentacles to hold them in place. Any attackers can be repelled with the omatt cannons on the tower as well as the Nullen-Voyd field that the tower can generate.

Fairy slave collar – a device to go around captured fairies neck. Its main purpose is to pacify fairies acting out of line by paralyzing their bodies. The collar also acts as locator for a fairy’s location, measures her current status to determine when she can be drained of energy again, and can inject nihillium to act as an aphrodisiac.

Nanotool  -a chunk of “primed” nihillium, usually at the tip of their tentacles, that can transform into almost anything; hammer, computer, radar, laser, sex organ, etc. If they have the blueprint in their brain to conceive it, the nanotool can turn into it.

Nullen voyd – an anti magic defense created to use against the fairies. Works by creating phantom matter – an unstable form of mater – by filling the devices chamber with magic energy and suddenly draining it. Any free flowing magic (like fairy wings or magic beign casted)  in the area is sucked toward phantom matter. This process is repeated many times per second.

However Nullen voyd does not fully prevent fairy from using her magic and it can be overpowered temporarily.

Omatt weapons – are energy weapons that shoot Omatt energy – a form of energy that originated from the nihallak universe. It is like a photon of light but “better”- higher maximum velocity, higher energy density, unaffected by gravity.

Queen’s nihillium suit – created by 298 to stabilize and maintain the Queen’s body after she had absorbed one too many High Plane links from fairies. Its default function is to act as armor and life support for the Queen, and to produce egg-shaped batteries from her energy surplus, which can be collected and used by nihallaks or the ship. It can also react to the Queen’s commands and modify itself to perform various functions. By default the suit comes with two standard nihallak tentacles attached to the back, with nanotools at the end that can turn almost any tool or weapons as long as the Queen has the blueprints, which can be stored within the suit’s memory. The suit also has a nanotool inserted within the queen’s womb, which is where the batteries and potential other appropriately shaped products can be manufactured.

The Core – an access point to the nihallak hypercomputer, which is a supercomputer that uses different physics to compute faster, almost instantly depending on the task. It houses all of the information from the Kulthma civilization. The hypercomputer actually is its own universe, basically the Kulthma created a pocket universe within the multiverse, and it can be accessed from any other universe as long as you know how to connect to it. The Core on the nihallak ship is the last known access point in the fairy universe.

The ship – the last bastion of nihallak and kulthma technology. This type of ship was mostly used as a scout or light transport among the kulthma fleet. Its onboard computers house an AI that used to be a nihallak, as most advanced nihillium structures are created by turning a nihallak into said structure. The ship also has a Core, which give them access to the hypercomputer, cloning chambers to create more nihallaks, laboratories and holding cells for prisoners, and a F-jiby, to provide power.