Hello everybody and welcome to the official fairies vs tentacles website!

I bought the host and domain on the 4th in hope I would manage to get it all done in time for FvT’s 5th anniversary, and here we are!

You can consider the website to be in a kind of Beta right now. The entire comic archive has been uploaded, the comment system work, the user subscription work, the RSS sub works, and we have some bells and whistles such as the page dropdown menu, and the ability to navigate the comic with your keyboard, by clicking on the image or by swiping left and right on mobile, but there is MUCH MORE to do.

Here’s a list of some upcoming features and content:
-Character listing for every comic pages
-Links to download packs
-More sections such as the dark forest entries, bonus art and character sheet,etc. The character questions also need to be fully uploaded
-Link/embeds to other important places such as the discord server, the patreon, picarto, etc
-Visual upgrades, such as adding personalized fonts, icons and buttons.
-Mobile-friendly optimization. The website work fine on mobile, and the comic is readable but the interface is hard to use without zooming in.

I don’t have a particular order planned for doing these things, I’m just glad I got it all up and running in a few days if anything, and I’m still very busy doing the comic itself, so don’t expect any of this to be done by next week, or even next year~

What matters is that this comic FINALLY has a place to call home. A place with a comic-friendly interface that anybody can access and read at any time.