Hello everybody, this is a special announcement.

So both me and my lady got really sick early December, but I pushed updates regardless and it has taken its toll. Given I wasn’t feeling my best before being sick, I elected to take January off. All of January. What this means in a few bullet points:

-All content updates will stop until February.
-I won’t be taking new commission until February.
-I still have bills to pay, so I might work on a few commission in the queue during January.
-Supporter funding will not be wasted, simply saved for later.

What this mean is that the 5 sketch pages, 4 comic page, 2 char questions and bonus artwork that should’ve been done in January will be made later throughout the year. If a month has 5 Mondays but there’s only funding for 4 pages, I’ll draw the extra page for free then. Some later months might have 3 character questions instead of 2, or 2 bonus pics instead of one. It probably won’t be February because that month is short to begin with, but I’ll announce these kind of things in advance.

Thank you for your support and understanding.