A dual fairy – one of the most common special fairy types

Star fairies (the fairy type), outside of their unique hair color star fairies don’t stand out physically, but they inspire respect and obedience, when a star fairy enters a room other fairies know that she’s in charge. Whether this is conditioning or latent psy abilities or just their demeanor is hard to tell due to the small sample size. Their personality varies but they are usually positive, calm and calculating. Star fairies have power of various psionic abilities – mind control, teleportation, telekinesis, illusions, materialization, etc.

Currently there are only 7 star fairies, the leaders of fairy kind and very first fairies ever created.

Dual fairies are fairies that inherited two elements from either her parents or possibly from a grandparent. They are born with stronger magical abilities but also tend to be psychologically unbalanced because of it and can have a hard time adjusting to society or develop quirky personalities as they mature. Dual fairies also have to keep up their training with both elements, as if they lean too much on one element they can loose access to the other, becoming odd-eyed fairies.

The chance to get a dual daughter for a couple of two different elements is around 1%. The only exception is Dark and Light fairy couples as they for some reason can’t produce duals fairies. Dual fairies make up about 0.95% of the fairy population.

Dual fairies have an alternative naming method, based on the combination of their two elements. However not every fairy uses it and it can differ from region to region.

Dual fairy naming (click to see full image)

Dud fairies happen in rare cases when fairies of opposing elements would get a Dual fairy offspring. Instead of the elements mixing to produce a dual fairy, they cancel each other out, resulting in a magic-starved fairy.

Dud fairies usually cannot fly or use magic effectively, and possess a lower or almost nonexistent sexual drive. Those things combined often lead them to be depressed and socially maladjusted, although with physical training and hard work they can compensate and become productive and participating members of the society.

The main advantage of a dud fairy is that her lack of magic power makes her, for all intend and purpose, invisible to monsters who usually seek fairies for their magic energy. This also naturally grants them the magic detection skill, it being way stronger than in any normal fairy could ever learn.

The chance to get a dual fairy offspring is extremely low. It can only happen to 1% of dual fairies born from couples of opposing elements (Earth/Air, Fire/Water, Nature/Electric, Dark/Light). So normally it is only a 0,01% chance. However as Dark/Light couples can’t produce duals, they have a 1% chance.

Dud fairies make up about 0.04% of the fairy population, most of them being from dark and light couples.

Wildcard fairies are usually created when a dead fairy is brought back to life, mostly by magic means. Fairies in a coma or on the brink of death don’t become wildcard – the fairy has to have been truly brain dead for at least a few minutes.

They are fairies with a fully functional body and mind, except for their Atma lobe which has lost its connection to the high plane. That means this fairy cannot generate her own magic power anymore. This begins affecting the rest of her brain and body, as she lose coloration, personality, and eventually higher mental functions. If not treated or maintained, a wildcard fairy will eventually stop eating and drinking, moving and even breathing and eventually die again.

A wildcard fairy can be kept alive and relatively healthy by supplying her with magic energy. This will temporarily put her back on track and she will act as herself again, although depending on the magic element she’s supplied with, she might start experiencing personality and physical changes associated with the element. A wildcard fairy can learn to use new elemental types of magic and with enough training can be made to use all types of magic skillfully, which can be seen as the biggest and sole advantage over a mountain of issues. One almost permanent way to bring back a wildcard fairy to a more normal lifestyle is to infuse her with dark magic and teach her how to use it. From there she will be able to keep her magic reserves up herself by draining magic from other fairies or from her environment.

Wildcard fairies make up about 0.01% of the fairy population. However exact number is unknown due to the existence of the Necrofairy chaos clan and most wildcards considered being dead.

Odd-eyed fairies are fairies that have eye color that does not match their elements color. This is because they had a powerful parent or grandparent of that element somewhere back in their bloodline and their element has slightly shown through. In some cases it can be a former dual fairy that lost access to one of her elements, but this is a very rare case.

Such fairies often are confused for duals, but the eye color does not grant any elemental abilities and mostly serves as a cosmetic change. At best it can give fairy an easier time to learn how to use magic crystals of that element. In theory an odd-eyed fairy can become a dual fairy, as the potential is there, but such a thing has not been observed.

In even rarer cases a dual can be born odd-eyed, her eye color not matching her two elements. However just like with regular odd-eyed fairies this does not grant them an additional element.

It is unknown how many odd-eyed fairies there are exactly.