The library of terms

Arch fairies – fairies with advanced magic abilities that are chosen by the star fairies to represent their element and work closely with them. Only dark fairies lack an arch fairy representative.

Atma lobe – section of a fairy’s brain where her High plane link resides.

Chaos fairies – fairies that reject the Star fairies’ authority and rule, seeking to establish their own society often at the expense of loyalist fairies.

Critter – animal or species of animal that mutated over time due to exposure to nihillium, but retained most of its original traits.

Dark forest – thick forest encompassing most of the western part of the fairy island, and home to monsters of all types and sizes.

Draigjibies – the former Apex species on the planet Dreven and creators of the fairy race.

Dreven-A – name of the planet the fairies are living on.

Era ender – event that ended the Draigjiby-Kulthma war by destroying both factions.

Fairies – genetically engineered creatures that were created by the Draigjibie with various elemental type abilities.

Fairy guard – the basic law enforcement that you can find in most settlements.

Fairy island – small isolated piece of land in the Northen hemisphere of Dreven, where fairy civilization resides.

Fairy plasma – substance ejaculated by fairies, mostly through their tail through sexual stimulation. Rich in protein, nihillium and Magic energy.

Fairy war – island-wide conflict between chaos fairies and loyalist fairies that took place a thousand years ago. The loyalists won, not without great losses and the surviving chaos fairies scattered across the island and would create their own factions that today form the current chaos clans.

Fairy wings – magic constructs generated by fairies to allow them to fly.

F-jibies – docile, high energy generating version of the Draigjibies, created by the nihallaks using Draigjiby DNA to help them with their energy issues.

High Plane – a higher dimension that exists outside the current universes and is theorized to be the reason universes are created.

High Plane energy – primal form of energy emitted from the High Plane and “leaking” into universes, creating magic and matter through degeneration. Also referred to by fairies as soul energy.

High plane link – a link connecting a fairy to the High Plane, which allows her access to High Plane energy from it. Resides in inside the Atma lobe of a fairy’s brain. Also referred to by fairies as their soul.

Kulthma – the apex life form in their home universe and creators of the nihallaks.

Kulthma – draigjiby war – interplanetary conflict between the Draigjiby and Kulthma that took place over 5000 years ago and resulted in the extinction of both species.

Loyalist fairies – fairies that are loyal and obedient to the Star fairies, and align with their ideals and goals.

Magic – An intermediate product of High Plane energy. A force that can affect matter, energy and reality at a fundamental level. Usually decay into or get absorbed by regular matter and energy.

Magic crystal – a solid crystal structure that can hold magic energy of all types. Allow fairies to use elements that they weren’t born with.

Magic energy – the fundamental form of magic, created from decaying high plane energy. Can be used as is by creature or machines who can sense it and contain it, or specialized into different forms by interacting with regular matter and energy.

Magic matter – magic is given a solid, palpable form. Unstable in normal conditions and cohesion is usually kept using a machine or a fairy.

Nanotool – chunk of “primed” nihillium, usually at the tips of nihallak tentacles that can transform into almost anything.

Nihallaks (pronounced [Nee-hah-lack])- soldiers and only survivors of the Kulthma civilization, hoping to bring their species back to their former glory.

Nihillium – smart nanomaterial that was created by the current Nihallak ancestors, the Kulthmas, in their home universe.

Nullen Voyd – A type of force field that absorb magic energy, nullifying its effects.

Odd-eyed fairy – fairy who inherited a parent or grandparent’s eye color but doesn’t show any elemental affinities otherwise. For example a nature fairy with blue eyes but no control over water.

Ommat energy – a unique form of energy created from high plane energy. It can be considered to be the equivalent of magic, but from the nihallak’s home universe. It has different properties than any currently known magic.

Star fairies – original fairies and leaders of fairy kind.

Star guard – soldiers cherry-picked by the star fairies to guard special assets or the star fairies themselves

Symbol magic – fairly new type of magic usage where language is given to magic by channeling its energy through shapes, sounds and calligraphy.

Tattoo magic – fairly new type of magic usage, where special channels of magic energy are carved into the body using special ink imbued with magic energy.

The Core – a device that allows nihallaks to connect to a pocket dimension that is an incredibly advanced  hypercomputer housing all of nihallak knowledge

War-jibies – reverse engineered version of the F-jiby, made to infiltrate and kill nihallaks.