So, I plan to update more of the past content this weekend and I was wondering something regarding notifications. So far subscribers to the site only get notifications through the wordpress dashboard, in the activity tab. They can always subscribes to RSS notifications, but would you all be interested in an email/newsletter/push notification based system? Granted for now it would be hell as I publish 20-30 new pages/images at a time, but would that be an interesting feature for the future when the updates are more sparse and regular? I’d be happy to hear your opinion and suggestions on the matter.

I want to keep people updated, but not spam them. Personally for my favorite webcomics I just check the website whenever they usually update, and if I’m subscribed it’s for commenting or accessing forums and such. I don’t think we’ll have a forum, since there is the massive and lively discord community already, but who knows. There are other features the subscriber system could be useful for, like community contributions, building a wiki, exclusive sections on the website, etc.